Vickers V Series

Eaton Vickers Vane Pumps – Vickers V Series and Vickers V10 & v20 Series

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Zuosen Hydraulics' Vickers Vane pumps are an excellent Product from all the hydraulic vane pumps in production. Especially, we have been producing these well-known brands for many years. Finally, our goods are at the forefront of most of the world's industrial sectors.

However, this page will introduce you to the Vickers Vane Pump V series and the V10 and V20 series that we offer in our manufacturing shop. On the other hand, this article will assist you in troubleshooting and maintaining your equipment.

Vickers Vane Pumps

The Vickers brand has been famous in worldwide markets for almost eighty years. Eaton acquired Vickers in 1999. Above all, Eaton now offers a large family of industrial and mobility products.

Zuosen Hydraulic is, on the other hand, the original manufacturer of the Vickers piston pump and Vickers vane Pump. You can find the spare parts which fit the original Vickers Products. In the following, we will explain the most common Vickers vane pump that we manufacture from the Zuosen factory.

Eaton Vickers fixed displacement vane pumps provide excellent efficiency and minimal noise, making them a good option for many mobile and industrial applications.

However, their modular architecture enables them to be flexible in displacement, mounting, and port choices. A cartridge kit in the design allows for quick maintenance and interchangeability between pumps.

V Series Fixed Displacement Victors Vane Pumps

Our 12-vane Vickers V Series pumps are designed for medium pressure indoor industrial applications and are very quiet.

Vickers V Series pumps are the first choice for industrial equipment applications all around the globe. It is because due to their well-earned reputation for dependability and adaptability.

However, the V series pumps are suitable for medium-pressure industrial applications. It is an innovative intervention cartridge design that delivers extended operational life, exceptional volumetric efficiency, and good serviceability.

The ultra-quiet 12-vane system is excellent for use in an indoor industrial setting. The 22nd design is widely renowned for its dependability and adaptability. Furthermore, industrial machines all over the globe commonly use it.

The V series Vickers Vane Pump has a balanced pressure design, a modular design, a large displacement, an intervention design, and a 12 vane design.

Available Models: 25V Single Vane pump, 35V Single Vane pump, 45V Single Vane pump, 2520V Double Vane pump, 3520V Double Vane pump, 3525V Double Vane pump, 4520V Double Vane pump, 4525V Double Vane pump, and 4535V Double Vane pump. 

Vickers V10 & V20 Fixed Displacement Vane Pumps

On the other hand, Vickers' inexpensive V10 and V20 pumps have a field-proven design that has made them the top option for medium to low-pressure mobile and industrial applications across the globe.

They are the best-fixed pump solution for small industrial and mobile equipment as a principal system pump or a pilot and auxiliary pump in complicated systems.

Vickers' inexpensive V10 and V20 pumps have a field-proven design that has made them the top option for medium to low-pressure mobile and industrial applications across the globe.

They are widely prevalent in complicated systems as a pilot and auxiliary pumps. They are also the de facto standard steering pump for heavy-duty vehicles and interstate buses.

V10 and V20 pumps are offered with integrated flow control valves to ease system design and installation.

The shaft-end and cover-end pumps on V2010 double pumps have flow rates of 6 to 13 USgpm and 1 to 7 USgpm, respectively. V2020 double pumps feature shaft-end and cover-end pumps with capacities ranging from 6 to 13 USgpm and 6 to 11 USgpm, respectively.

Vickers vane pumps in the V10 and V20 series have a pressure-balanced design, a modular design, a large displacement, and a twin pump option.

Available Models: V10 Single Vane pump, V20 Single Vane pump, V2020 Double Vane pump, and V2010 Double Vane pump. 

Vickers Vane Pumps Benefits

These Pumps are prevalent in most industrial manufacturing applications because of their vast benefits towards hydraulic systems. Vickers Vane Pumps feature:

  • Low noise
  • Long life, ease of repair
  • Serviceability
  • Wide range of applications
  • Intense flow pulsations for common system noise
  • Compact Installation

Vickers Vane Pumps Applications

V series Vickers Vane pumps are popular in plastic Injection Molding, Presses, Material Handling Machines, Industrial Power Units, Aerial Booms, etc., applications.

On the other hand, V10, 20 series Vickers Vane Pumps are popular in Power Units, Power Steering, Skid Steerers, Lift Trucks, Balers, etc.

Hydraulic Fluid (Oil Recommendations)

Hydraulic fluids comprise additional compounds that significantly increase the different properties of hydraulic oil. We choose these additions to minimize wear, improve chemical stability, prevent corrosion, and lower the pour point.

The anti-wear additive composition in the oil directly impacts pump performance and dependability. We suggest oils with high anti-wear protection for best performance and extended life. The recommended hydraulic oils for Vickers vane pumps are:

  • Crankcase Oil:Crankcase oil with the letter designations SC, SD, SE, or SF according to SAE J183 Feb '80
  • Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil:All major oil suppliers manufacture these, which should have high-quality base stocks combined with anti-wear, anti-oxidation, and antirust additives.
  • Certain Other Types of Petroleum Oil:Other oils are acceptable if they match the following requirements:
  1. Contain the same kind and amount of anti-wear additives as the crankcase mentioned above oils and pass the pump tests specified in M-2952-S.
  2. Be chemically stable enough for Mobile Hydraulic system service.
  3. Comply with the viscosity guidelines provided in the tables below.

Quick Installation & General Instruction

You must install the pumps following the circuit diagram included with the pump package.

Fill the case with hydraulic fluid before pumping through the highest drain port. You must attach the case drain line to the reservoir directly and end below the oil level.

In addition, it might help you if you go through the quick installation and instructions from the article "PV2R Yuken Vane Pump," which has general instructions that might help you troubleshoot the problem and solve it.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Generally, all hydraulic vane pumps encounter similar issues. In this scenario, we must thoroughly understand each problem to troubleshoot them. In the article Yuken PV2R Vane Pump, a section on troubleshooting and maintenance will guide you to solve the issues.

However, our skilled hydraulic experts at Zuosen Hydraulics have years of expertise maintaining and repairing hydraulic pumps of various types, including vane pumps. Contact us immediately to request repairs or set up a preventive maintenance plan.